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Motor Fleet

One of the hardest parts about owning a company can be juggling the different renewal dates for the company cars within your business. With only having one renewal date you can save yourself a lot of admin time.

An easy solution would be to set up a Motor Fleet policy, generally a Fleet policy can be set up from 2 or more vehicles.


One of the main advantages of having a fleet policy is that the vehicles can be ‘open driver’ what this means is that any person with the permission of the company owner can drive the vehicle (subject to policy terms & conditions).

Vehicles that are covered under a fleet policy will often depend on the insurer that has been used, however at IRCS we will find you the best insurer to fit your needs.


We can find you cover for a variety of business needs from haulage, private hire to other transport purposes.


One of the main reasons to choose IRCS is that we can provide you with full claim and fleet management, simply contact us with the changes you need made to the policy and we

will sort it.

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